The first of our Annual Reports

(and what a year we've chosen to launch this).

This report looks at the markets we operate in and examine how they have been impacted by the COVID pandemic.

With the unprecedented onset of the pandemic, the resilience of the Recurring Gift model has ensured our non-profit partners are able to continue giving back to those in need.

Comparisons to previous years are provided to observe the magnitude of the impact and the growth of the market throughout the years.


Thank you for taking the time to explore our first Annual Report, I hope you find this summarised review useful. At SG Support, it is our job to make fundraising easy and hopefully, this Annual Report is an example of how we can utilise our data to help you drive better fundraising decisions.

I'm really pleased to say that Regular Give has proven itself to be a sustainable, long-term fundraising model for charities – despite a climate of unprecedented challenges driven by the pandemic. Whilst acquiring new donors this past year has been difficult, our charity partners were still able to continue their operations and fieldwork because of the loyalty of existing donors’ support. Through Regular Give, SG Support has continued to contribute to the maintenance and in many cases, growth of our charities' donor bases. This is something that I am extremely proud of.

The charities we work with have gone above and beyond this year, in not only helping their beneficiaries, but also in trying to protect the fundraising industry overall. These past 12 months have seen a real sense of team spirit and a shared sense of responsibility throughout the industry and I’m certain this collective effort will place us in a better position as we move forward.

I'd like to thank my team for their hard work, diligence, innovation and positive spirit. At SG Support, we win when our charities win and I think each member of my team has shown their desire to consistently do better than we’ve ever done before throughout the past 12 months.

As we welcome 2021, we do so with a renewed focus and a brand new look to SG Support and with an expectation for growth.

We have some exciting new projects in the pipeline and I look forward to sharing these with you all in the coming months. In the meantime, please enjoy the SG Support Annual Report.

Stay safe.

Richard Prentice
Chief Executive Officer
SG Support

Active Base

Number of donors actively contributing gifts as of Year-End

Donor Ratio

Percentage of Donors Cancelled over New Donors acquired

Net Growth

Donor base growth from the Start of the Year to Year-End

Rising to the challenges brought on in 2020, the year has illustrated and reaffirmed our commitment to our non-profit partners in supporting their Recurring Gift programmes, while highlighting the resilience of the Recurring Gift model. As the saying goes, there cannot be light without darkness.

The onset of the global pandemic has brought about multiple challenges, with the biggest obstacle to fundraising being the stop of Face-to-Face acquisition in multiple markets due to lockdowns. Comparative to 2019, the total acquisition volume dropped by ~41% across the donor bases we manage. However, our strong and proactive retention practices have ensured no surprises to the donors that choose to stop their monthly contribution. With acquisition plans challenged by the uncertainty of 2020, non-profits had to shift their fundraising strategies to alternative means and look towards creating engaging campaigns in a new space.

Looking at the impact of the year on SG Support and our ways of working, the advent of social distancing has also enforced remote working/fundraising, forcing quick assimilation of new operating procedures. Some steps we took early on that ensured the success of continued fundraising were:

  • Ensuring that donor contributions continue to be processed in a secure and timely manner.
  • Proactively solutioning on donor retention practices to cater for best to worst case scenarios.
  • Renewed use of data analytics to support recruitment partners and non-profits in making data-driven decisions.

As we move into 2021, we are dedicated more than ever to provide new solutions to the fundamental shifts brought on by 2021.

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