SG Support Profile in Latin America

Established in Q3 of 2019, SG Support expanded our footprint to 5 countries across Latin America, namely; Panama, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and Paraguay.

Panama Branch (LATAM), 50th Street and Elvira Mendez, Towerbank Tower, 35th Floor, Office #36, Panama City, Panama

Michael Gearing

In 2019, SG Support expanded our presence towards Panama, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and Paraguay. Establishing Regular Give in new markets is never an easy feat and 2020 challenged the growth opportunities of starting in a new market.

Keeping true to our motto of making fundraising easy for our non-profit partners, we have tackled the new challenges with a positive attitude and a mindset focused on growth.



  • Set up of Regular Give mechanisms across multiple markets in Latin America.
  • Began digital fundraising in majority of these markets (given the absence of active Face-to-Face abilities due to the pandemic).
  • Set up and start of fundraising via telemarketing.


  • Limited start dates of Face-to-Face acquisition which support donor volumes.
  • Adjustment of growth expectations and acquisition strategies.



As more non-profits look forward to benefitting from the resilience of the Regular Give model, SG Support looks forward to continuing the growth momentum set across our partners in Latin America.

Moving into 2021, non-profits might consider:

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Who is SG Support?

SG Support exists to make fundraising easy for charities by working in partnership to acquire new donors, retain existing ones and win back those who have left. We do this through our complete suite of services that range from providing data-driven strategies, consultancy and ensuring the smooth running of the operational aspects of payment processing, contact centre and financial reporting.

Since our establishment in 2002, we have grown to become the world’s largest fundraising agency working with 70 charities in more than 14 countries, managing over 3 million donors.